Trans Woman Surgery

ART Surgical and Dr. Angela Rodriguez provide gender-affirming services for trans women in San Francisco, California, and across the United States. She works closely with each patient to understand their goals for physical transformation. She provides personalized care and support throughout the process.

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Confident trans woman in a pink t-shirt, arms crossed, representing the supportive and transformative care provided by ART Surgical and Dr. Angela Rodriguez for gender-affirming services.
A patient is gently examined by a healthcare professional, symbolizing the thorough and compassionate care offered by ART Surgical in the realm of trans woman surgery, encompassing procedures that align one’s physical appearance with their gender identity.

What is Trans Woman Surgery?

Trans woman surgery involves medical procedures to help individuals transition from male to female. The surgeries help align physical appearance with gender identity. These surgeries include genital reconstruction, breast augmentation, facial feminization, and body contouring. As a result, this may ease any discomfort they may feel and allow them to live more authentically. These surgeries play a significant role in a transgender woman's journey. They help her achieve self-affirmation and well-being.

Trans Woman Procedures

Trans women procedures can be personalized to your goals and needs. It's important to speak with a doctor who specializes in transgender healthcare. They will consider factors like desired changes, your overall health, and your personal preferences. Coping with gender dysphoria, the discomfort from a mismatch between gender identity and assigned sex, may involve medical treatments, therapy, and community support. It’s important to seek guidance from mental health professionals and supportive communities to navigate the journey with care and self-acceptance.

A diverse group of students engaging in conversation, with a trans woman holding her notes to her chest, highlights the individualized journey and supportive community important in trans woman procedures offered by ART Surgical.

Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation usually involves breast implants. Two options are saline implants and silicone gel implants. The choice of implant type and placement method is determined by body shape, desired outcome, and individual preferences.


Vaginoplasty creates or reconstructs the vagina. Bottom Surgery options include traditional vaginoplasty, zero depth vaginoplasty, and phallus-preserving vaginoplasty. Each option represents the various needs of transgender people.

Facial Feminization Surgery:

Facial feminization surgery makes the face more feminine. These procedures can include forehead contouring, adjusting the hairline, tracheal shave, and jaw/chin contouring. Other procedures include eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, facelift, lip enhancement, and more. Dermal fillers, injectables, and facial feminization with makeup or prosthetics are also options for those who want a more temporary change.

Body Feminization:

Body feminization is medical and cosmetic procedures that create a more feminine appearance. Options can include hormone therapy to redistribute fat, decrease muscle mass, and promote breast development. Surgeries such as breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, and body contouring can further enhance feminine features. Body feminization is often chosen to match physical appearance with gender identity. The goal is to help individuals feel more comfortable and affirmed in one’s body, reducing gender dysphoria and improving overall well-being.

A trans woman receiving a post-operative examination, illustrating the care and detail involved in trans woman surgeries, as provided by ART Surgical, highlighting the transformational journey from before to after the procedure.

Trans Woman Surgery Before and After

Before trans women procedures, you'll meet with a specialized doctor. This includes discussing desired changes, overall health, and any necessary preparations like hormone therapy. After the procedure, expect a recovery period with discomfort, swelling, and limited mobility. It's important to follow post-operative instructions, attend follow-up appointments, and do the recommended therapy. Over time, there will be gradual changes in how they look, which can make them feel more confident and match how they feel on the inside.

Patient Stories

Dr. Angela Rodriguez established ART Surgical to help every individual on their personal journey of transformation. Listen to testimonials from our patients in San Francisco and nationwide as they share their experiences with Dr. Rodriguez.

For further information on trans women procedures and the supportive guidance provided by Dr. Angela Rodriguez and her team, schedule a consultation today.

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Trans Women Procedures FAQ

Breast Augmentation

What is breast augmentation in the context of male to female transition?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts to create a more feminine chest appearance for individuals transitioning from male to female.

What are the different breast implant options available for male to female breast augmentation?

The two primary types of breast implants used for male to female breast augmentation are saline implants and silicone gel implants. Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each option and help you make an informed decision.

How long does it take to recover from male to female breast augmentation surgery?

The recovery time for male to female breast augmentation varies, but most individuals can expect several weeks of healing. Your surgeon will provide specific postoperative care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.


What is vaginoplasty in male to female transition?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that creates a neovagina for individuals transitioning from male to female. It involves reshaping the genital area to resemble female external genitalia and may also include the creation of a functional vaginal canal.

What are the factors to consider before undergoing vaginoplasty?

Factors to consider before undergoing vaginoplasty include overall health, readiness for surgery, hormone therapy duration, and psychological readiness. Your healthcare provider will evaluate your specific situation and guide you through the Process.

Can I get pregnant after female to male transition?

Transitioning from female to male typically involves procedures like hysterectomy, which removes the uterus. As a result, pregnancy is not possible after these surgeries. It’s essential to discuss fertility preservation options with your healthcare provider before undergoing any irreversible procedures.

Bottom Surgery

What does bottom surgery refer to in male to female transition?

Bottom surgery is a broad term used to describe surgical procedures that alter the genitals to align with an individual’s gender identity. In the context of male to female transition, it typically refers to procedures such as vaginoplasty or orchiectomy (testicle removal).

Are there any non-surgical options to achieve desired feminine genital appearance without undergoing vaginoplasty?

While vaginoplasty is the primary surgical option for achieving feminine genital appearance, there are non-surgical options available, such as hormone therapy, that can help in achieving desired changes in the genital area. However, these non-surgical options may have limitations.

Body Feminization

What does body feminization surgery entail?

Body feminization surgery refers to a combination of surgical procedures designed to enhance feminine characteristics and proportions. It can include liposuction, buttock augmentation, hip augmentation, and other procedures tailored to an individual’s goals.

What are the common body feminization procedures for male to female transition?

Common body feminization procedures for male to female transition include breast augmentation, liposuction, gluteal augmentation (buttock augmentation), and hip augmentation. The specific procedures recommended will depend on individual goals and anatomy.

Facial FemInization

What is facial feminization surgery (FFS)?

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a set of surgical procedures aimed at feminizing the facial features for individuals transitioning from male to female. It may include procedures such as forehead contouring, rhinoplasty, jaw reduction, and chin reshaping, among others.

Are there any non-surgical options for facial feminization?

Non-surgical options for facial feminization include dermal fillers, Botox, and facial feminization techniques using makeup or prosthetics. However, these non-surgical options are temporary and may not provide permanent changes like surgical procedures.

Vagina-Preserving Phalloplasty

What is vagina-preserving phalloplasty in male to female transition?

Vagina-preserving phalloplasty is a surgical procedure that involves constructing a phallus while preserving the existing vagina. It allows individuals to have both a phallus and a functional vaginal canal.

Phallus-Preserving Vaginoplasty

What is phallus-preserving vaginoplasty in male to female transition?

Phallus-preserving vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves creating a neovagina while preserving the existing phallus. It allows individuals to maintain their external genitalia while also having a functional vaginal canal.

Vulvoplasty/Minimal Depth | Vaginoplasty/Zero-Depth

What is vulvoplasty/minimal depth or vaginoplasty/zero-depth in male to female transition?

Vulvoplasty/minimal depth or vaginoplasty/zero-depth are surgical procedures that focus on creating external female genitalia without the creation of a vaginal canal. These procedures are typically chosen by individuals who do not desire or require a functional vagina.

Labiaplasty/Vaginal Revision

What is labiaplasty/vaginal revision in male to female transition?

Labiaplasty/vaginal revision is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping or modifying the labia (the folds of skin around the vaginal opening) to achieve the desired appearance. It is performed to enhance the aesthetic outcome or address any functional concerns.

How long after starting hormone therapy can I have genital reconstruction surgery (vaginoplasty)?

The specific timeline for genital reconstruction surgery (vaginoplasty) after starting hormone therapy varies and depends on individual circumstances. Your healthcare provider will guide you through the process and determine the appropriate timing.

Will I be able to breastfeed after male to female breast augmentation?

Male to female breast augmentation does not typically restore the ability to breastfeed. The surgery focuses on enhancing breast appearance and size but does not restore milk production or mammary gland functionality.

Can male to female surgeries provide a completely natural-looking feminine appearance?

Male to female surgeries, such as facial feminization surgery and breast augmentation, are designed to enhance feminine features. Skilled surgeons strive to achieve a natural-looking appearance, but individual results may vary.

Is hair removal necessary before male to female genital reconstruction surgery?

Yes, hair removal is usually recommended before male to female genital reconstruction surgery (vaginoplasty) to ensure optimal results. It helps create a smoother genital area and reduces the risk of hair follicle complications.