Dr. Angela Rodriguez

Meet Dr. Angela Rodriguez, a plastic surgeon with a heart for compassionate and personalized care. With 20 years of experience, she's known for her expertise in helping transgender and non-binary patients.

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Dr. Angela Rodriguez, with a gentle smile, holds her glasses in one hand while posing confidently against a two-tone green background. She wears a chic light blue blazer over a matching shirt, which, along with her warm demeanor, presents a blend of professionalism and approachability. The clear blue and green tones convey a sense of tranquility and trust.
Dr. Angela Rodriguez offers a welcoming smile, standing with her hands lightly clasped in front. She is dressed in a smart light blue blazer over a grey top, with her hair styled in soft waves that frame her face. The neutral beige background highlights her professional yet approachable demeanor, inviting trust and confidence.

About Dr. Angela Rodriguez

Dr. Angela Rodriguez has more than two decades of experience as a plastic surgeon. She holds a medical degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. Dr. Rodriguez conducted research at Harvard University. She also completed fellowships at University of Massachusetts Medical Center and Stanford University. Dr. Rodriguez started her career at Valley Children’s Healthcare. While there, she treated children with injuries caused by trauma. Today, Dr. Rodriguez provides surgical care for transgender patients.

Why Choose Dr. Angela Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez provides personalized care to each patient. She listens to your goals and creates customized plans for you. You will receive specialized care throughout your journey.

Dr. Rodriguez leads with kindness. She will be there to support you on your path to being your true self.

Dr. Angela Rodriguez, wearing navy blue scrubs, is in conversation with a colleague in a clinical setting, her expression focused and attentive. The colleague, also in scrubs, stands beside her looking ahead. Behind them, a well-equipped hospital room is visible, suggesting an environment dedicated to patient care and medical professionalism.
Dr. Angela Rodriguez is depicted with a beaming smile, hands pressed together in a gesture of gratitude. She is stylishly dressed in a tailored black blazer over a crisp white top, with elegant buttons adorning the sleeves. The pose and her attire exude confidence and professionalism, set against a dynamic blue patterned background that adds a vibrant touch to the image.

The Birth of ART Surgical

Dr. Angela Rodriguez is the founder of ART Surgical, located in San Francisco, CA. She recognized the need for individualized care for the transgender and gender-diverse community.

She leads initial consultations through post-operative care. This patient-centric approach is the focus of ART Surgical.

Dr. Rodriguez is a devoted ally to the transgender and gender-diverse community. Our ART Surgical team is ready to help you on your transformative journey. We strive to make you feel like a member of our extended family.

Specialties / Services

ART Surgical is your destination for gender-affirming care. We provide a range of surgical solutions for the needs of trans women, trans men, and non-binary individuals.

Dr. Angela Rodriguez, clad in navy blue scrubs, smiles warmly at the camera, her eyes crinkling above a surgical mask. She wears a colorful striped surgical cap, and her hands are clasped in front of her. Behind her, the sign 'OPERATING ROOM 1' and a hand sanitizer dispenser indicate a clean and prepared medical environment, ready for patient care.

Patient Stories

Every patient's journey is special and worth celebrating. Our patients show us how bravery can inspire wonderful transformations. We're here to support you in being your authentic self.

Finding the Right Transgender Surgeon for You

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Compassionate Plastic Surgeon Dedicated to Helping Transgender Community

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Comfortable in Their Own Skin: Why One Patient Chose Dr. Angela Rodriguez

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Compassion for the Community

At ART Surgical, we commit to making a positive impact and supporting those we care about. We stand up for our community. Through partnerships and collaborations, we promote inclusivity and awareness. We champion positive change and work toward a more compassionate and empathetic world. We strive to make our communities better in meaningful ways.

A diverse group of six joyful individuals lean in close, sharing a moment of laughter and genuine connection. Their varied ethnicities and styles reflect the spirit of inclusivity and community support championed by ART Surgical. Set against a deep blue background, their bright smiles and casual, friendly touches to one another exemplify a culture of empathy and togetherness.

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