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Dr. Angela Rodriguez and ART Surgical provide gender-affirming care for transgender men and non-binary individuals in San Francisco and nationwide. For individuals seeking a more masculine appearance through top surgery, this may include breast removal (mastectomy) and chest contouring.

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What is Top Surgery?

Many transgender men and non-binary individuals choose top surgery to align physical appearance and gender identity. This procedure can help reduce gender dysphoria. Top surgery can be an important step in your gender-affirming journey.

There are several options for top surgery. The best option for you will depend on your goals and preferences, body shape, and breast size. Talk to a specialized surgeon in gender-affirming procedures to explore choices, risks, and expected results.

Who is The Best Candidate For Top Surgery?

Candidates for transgender top surgery should meet several conditions. Individuals should seek professional guidance and support to understand their feelings and experiences related to gender identity. Candidates are usually at least 18 years old and have been living as their true selves for a while. They should be healthy and have support from family and friends to ensure care after the surgery.

It's important to have realistic expectations and understand the benefits and risks of surgery. Talk to an experienced surgeon to see if this procedure is right for you.

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How is Top Surgery Performed? (Mastectomy)

Transgender top surgery involves creating a flatter chest to match male gender identity or reduce feminine features. It typically includes making specific incisions, removing breast tissue and skin, and repositioning the nipples. The exact procedure may vary based on technique and individual needs. At ART Surgical, Dr. Angela Rodriguez performs the following top surgeries.

Double Incision Mastectomy:

A double incision mastectomy involves making two horizontal incisions across the chest, removing breast tissue and extra skin, and repositioning the nipples. This method is suitable for those with larger breasts looking for a significant transformation.

Periareolar Mastectomy:

A periareolar mastectomy involves making a circular incision around the nipple area to remove breast tissue and extra skin. It typically leaves a less noticeable scar. It's a good choice for people with smaller to medium-sized breasts.

Keyhole Mastectomy:

A keyhole mastectomy uses small incisions and liposuction to remove breast tissue. It's a good choice for people with minimal breast tissue and skin. It results in minimal scarring for a natural appearance.

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Planning for Surgery (Before Top Surgery)

If you’re considering transgender chest surgery, Dr. Rodriguez can discuss your goals with you and see if you're a good candidate. Sometimes the support of a mental health provider is necessary to make sure you’re ready for surgery. It's also essential to have a thorough medical check to ensure you're healthy.

Dr. Rodriguez will discuss the best surgery method for your body and goals, like double incision, periareolar, or keyhole. Ask a friend or family member to accompany you to your surgery and drive you home afterward. Our team will provide additional instructions to help you prepare for your surgery.

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What to Expect During Top Surgery Recovery

Everyone's recovery is different, and Dr. Rodriguez will provide instructions for a smooth recovery. Pain, swelling, and bruising in your chest are common. Our team can give you medicine to help with the pain and scar care. Arm movement may be limited at first, but it will get better over time. It's important to change the bandages on your chest and keep your incisions clean and dry.

We will schedule follow-up appointments for Dr. Rodriguez to ensure you're healing well. After a while, you can go back to your regular activities, but you should avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks. Your scars will fade with time, and we will provide instructions to help you take care of them.

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Patient Stories

Dr. Angela Rodriguez guides each patient on a personal transformation journey and manages their care from pre-op to post-op. The entire ART Surgical team prioritizes individual and empathetic care. We invite you to listen to some of our past patients as they share their experience with our team.

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