After Surgery

What can I expect for MTF or FTM after surgery?

Whether it’s MTF or FTM, after surgery you will likely experience tenderness, bruising, swelling, and discomfort. This is a normal reaction to surgery. Dr. Angela Rodriguez will walk you through the prescriptions for pain medications, the dressings and drains and compression garments she will give you depending on your procedure(s).

We recommend having the following supplies on hand for the recovery process:

  • Things to entertain yourself: movies, books, music.
  • Comfortable lose fitting clothing
  • Extra pairs of underwear
  • Antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) or/and a healing ointment such as Aquaphor
  • Ice packs to apply to painful and sore areas
  • Thick pillow or medical donut for comfort to use when sitting or traveling
  • Hand mirror for use when changing dressings

ART Surgical will provide specific recommendations for MTF or FTM after surgery services like lymphatic massages or post-operation housing & education that may help in many capacities post-surgery. We’ll guide you through how to maneuver “everyday life” activities like showering, exercising, returning to a typical diet and more.

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Have questions or would like specific instructions about what to do after your procedure(s)?