Gender Nullification Surgery

Dr. Angela Rodriguez, founder of ART Surgical, offers gender-affirming care for non-binary individuals in San Francisco, California, and nationwide. For individuals seeking gender nullification surgery, Dr. Rodriquez consults with each patient to understand their goals and desired physical changes.

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What is Gender Nullification?

Not all individuals identify with the binary male and female genders. Non-binary individuals can access gender-affirming care without having to choose a binary gender. Nullification is a surgical procedure to remove or alter genital characteristics without necessarily aligning them with binary male or female genitalia. It is chosen by some non-binary individuals who do not desire traditional male or female genitalia. With the removal of external genitalia, gender nullification creates a continuous form from the abdomen to the groin. These procedures can also be referred to as nullo or nullectomy.

Specifics of Nullo Surgery

When considering nullification, consult with an experienced gender-affirming surgeon to understand each procedure. There are many options available. The nullification procedure typically involves removing specific genital tissue or altering it to create a more neutral or non-binary appearance, leaving only the urethral opening. For those born with male genitalia, options include a penectomy, orchiectomy, scrotectomy, and urethral shortening. For those born with female genitalia, options include hysterectomy, vaginectomy, vulvectomy, clitorectomy, and urethral modification.

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Preparation and Considerations for Non-Binary Nullification

Getting ready for gender nullification surgery involves several important steps. First, get a medical checkup to ensure you are in good health. Some individuals may need hormone therapy and support from mental health professionals. It is often recommended to quit smoking and stop certain medications. Following care instructions before surgery, having support from friends or family, and understanding the possible risks and benefits are also important. You should also plan for recovery. This includes follow-up appointments and having a supportive recovery environment. Talk openly with your doctor to make sure you understand the procedure.

Post Nullification Surgery

Recovery and aftercare for non-binary gender nullification depend on the type of surgery. If you had a hysterectomy and vaginectomy, recovery time will likely be longer, because these procedures involve moving and changing internal structures.

Recovery usually includes managing pain and swelling with medication. Your doctor will share specific aftercare instructions. This may consist of proper wound care and hygiene practices. You should rest and limit physical activity during recovery. Attending regular follow-up appointments will also help with a successful recovery.

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Patient Stories

Dr. Angela Rodriguez founded ART Surgical to guide each individual on their unique transformative journey. Hear from our patients in San Francisco and across the country as they describe how Dr. Rodriguez has helped them express their true selves.

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