Facial Masculinization Surgery

ART Surgical and Dr. Angela Rodriguez provide gender-affirming care for trans men in San Francisco and nationwide. Dr. Rodriguez meets with each patient to understand their goals for facial masculinization surgery. She then creates a personalized treatment plan that includes surgical and non-surgical options.

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A confident individual with a warm smile, likely representing a patient or a model, exemplifying the transformative results of facial masculinization surgery. The person depicted exudes a sense of satisfaction and self-assuredness, aligning with the patient-centric approach described by ART Surgical and Dr. Angela Rodriguez. The image serves to affirm the personalized and respectful care provided to trans men, emphasizing the clinic's commitment to gender-affirming treatments in San Francisco and beyond.
An introspective individual with glasses, gazing thoughtfully, symbolizing the transformative journey of facial masculinization surgery. This image likely serves to illustrate the various surgical options like forehead contouring, nose reshaping, and jaw or chin enhancements, reflecting the permanent, masculinity-enhancing changes achievable through ART Surgical's procedures.

What is Facial Masculinization Surgery?

Facial masculinization surgery is a group of procedures that enhance the masculinity of the face. Surgical procedures often involve reshaping bones or soft tissues to change facial features. Procedures may include forehead contouring, nose reshaping, or enhancements to the jaw or chin.

Many trans men begin their gender-affirming journey with hormone therapy. Hormones can begin to emphasize certain features. Face masculinization surgery can yield significant enhancements.

Non-surgical procedures can provide temporary results. Facial masculinization surgery yields permanent changes to facial features.

Facial Masculinization Surgery Options

Forehead Contouring:

This procedure involves reshaping the bone and soft tissue to emphasize the forehead.


As one of few gender surgeons who are active members of the Rhinoplasty Society, Dr. Rodriguez has a unique philosophy and approach. She performs endonasal or closed rhinoplasty. This approach reduces the amount of trauma and swelling and yields more predictable results than a conventional rhinoplasty.

Jaw Augmentation:

In this procedure, implants create a more angular jawline.

Chin Reshaping:

Through implants and reshaping of soft tissue, the chin can be made more prominent and angular.

A compassionate doctor in consultation with a patient, representing the personalized care and thorough planning provided by Dr. Rodriguez for facial masculinization surgery at ART Surgical. The image conveys the importance of understanding patient goals, insurance coverage, and post-surgical care instructions, as well as the support offered throughout the surgical journey.

Planning for Surgery

Dr. Rodriguez leads her patients through their journey, from initial consultation through post-surgical care. Before facial masculinization surgery, she will discuss your goals, expected results, and next steps.

Our staff will answer your questions and explain the surgery and what to expect in the weeks afterward.

Before surgery, contact your insurance company or our team to understand your coverage.

On the day of your surgery, ask a friend or family member to accompany you to your surgery and drive you home afterward. We will notify your designated point person of your progress once you are ready for discharge. We will then release you into the care of your friend or family member and go over care instructions with you.

Learn about the process to begin your surgical journey, including letters of support from mental health providers.

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What to Expect During Recovery

Facial masculinization recovery time depends on the procedure and healing ability. Your recovery can range from a few weeks to a few months. We will provide post-operative care instructions for your recovery needs.

Following your surgery, Dr. Rodriguez will discuss next steps in your transformative journey.

A healthcare professional providing reassurance with a comforting hand over a patient's, symbolizing the supportive care and guidance offered by ART Surgical during the recovery phase of facial masculinization surgery. The image captures the compassionate follow-up care patients can expect as they discuss the next steps in their transformative journey with Dr. Rodriguez.
A beaming individual with a radiant smile, capturing the essence of a patient's positive experience with ART Surgical's personalized transgender care. This image reflects the happiness and authenticity of patients who have embarked on their transformative journeys with Dr. Rodriguez.

Patient Stories

Dr. Rodriguez founded ART Surgical to make transgender care compassionate and personalized. Each individual is on their own transformative journey. Dr. Rodriguez spends time understanding each patient’s goals. Hear from our patients who are on journeys to being their true selves with Dr. Rodriguez by their side.

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