Vaginoplasty: Ensuring a Smooth Recovery After Surgery

What is Vaginoplasty?

Before we dive into understanding the vaginoplasty recovery time, a vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure, often performed on individuals transitioning from male to female, centered around creating a functional vagina. ART Surgical surgeons are here to walk you through this process from the initial discovery stages to the recovery period. It is crucial to have a plan before, during, and after surgery for optimal healing and results.

Understanding The Vaginoplasty Recovery Time

Your board-certified surgeon from ART Surgical will review and inform you of your vaginoplasty recovery time along with tips for the healing process before your surgery. Begin your recovery process before the surgery by putting a plan in place to ease your mind before the procedure. For instance, requesting time off of work (whether you work from home or not) will allow you to have the necessary time to rest and relax prior to the surgery. We suggest you set up a care plan with any caregivers, friends, or loved ones who can assist you with basic tasks, from chores to meal preparation and beyond.

Before and During Your Vaginoplasty

We strongly suggest refraining from smoking, drinking, or taking any aspirin or other complicating medications before the surgery, as these can slow down the healing process. The ART Surgical team will discuss this with you to clarify any questions you may have. On average, the vaginoplasty recovery time period can be between 8-12 weeks. So, expect a full recovery period at home after your surgery for up to 3 months. There will not be any pain during the procedure however, there will likely be temporary pain related to swelling, tenderness, soreness, and some bruising after the surgery.

Lastly, the pain will be dull and a bit uncomfortable, so it is essential to rest and take it easy during this time. Feeling extreme pain or swelling is unusual. If you are experiencing severe pain, you should consult your ART Surgical team immediately. This is also true if the pain increases over time, particularly within the first week. Don’t be alarmed if there is some discharge from the area or light bleeding. These are typical symptoms that will lessen as the weeks go by.

After Your Vaginoplasty

ART Surgical will provide you with specific instructions for post-operative care on how to clean and wash the area to avoid infection or complications. While you will be given medication for the pain, some non-medical tips for healing include wearing light, breathable clothing such as loose dresses or flowy pants, as well as comfortable undergarments.

Furthermore, please note that during your vaginoplasty recovery time within the first few weeks, you will experience discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. Therefore, we recommend having a donut pillow ready to help alleviate that discomfort. Abstaining from sex for three months after the surgery is also required for a proper recovery. Your pain will be mostly from soreness and discomfort associated with the swelling and bruising. The best thing you can do for your recovery is to get lots of sleep and rest early in the healing period, and avoid lifting heavy objects whenever possible. If swelling causes discomfort, you can use an ice pack and the recommended medications from your doctor.

Four weeks after the vaginoplasty procedure, light exercise is permitted. However, do not engage in cycling or jogging until three months after the operation, as it will agitate the area. After eight weeks, you can return to your everyday work schedule and engage in regular exercise and penetrative sex. It is still normal to have residual side effects from the surgery after eight weeks as your body continues to adjust fully. Easy stretching, light yoga, and Pilates are great ways to help with stiffness and soreness at this stage of your healing.

Ready to take the next step?

vaginoplasty recovery time

After your recovery from the vaginoplasty, we believe the long-term results will leave you feeling refreshed and confident for new beginnings. When you are ready, or have any questions about this procedure, feel free to give us a call, click (415) 680-1120, or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you along your journey.

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Vaginoplasty FAQs

Q: What is vaginoplasty in male to female transition?

A: Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that creates a neovagina for individuals transitioning from male to female. It involves reshaping the genital area to resemble female external genitalia and may also include the creation of a functional vaginal canal.

Q: What are the factors to consider before undergoing vaginoplasty?

A: Factors to consider before undergoing vaginoplasty include overall health, readiness for surgery, hormone therapy duration, and psychological readiness. Your healthcare provider will evaluate your specific situation and guide you through the process.

Q: Will I have normal sensation in my neovagina after vaginoplasty?

A: Sensation in the neovagina after vaginoplasty can vary among individuals. While many patients report experiencing sensation and pleasure, it’s essential to understand that the level of sensitivity can differ based on several factors, including surgical technique, individual nerve response, and healing processes. Your surgeon will discuss the potential outcomes and address any specific concerns during your preoperative consultations. Keep in mind that as surgical techniques continue to advance, the focus on preserving nerve function and enhancing sensation has improved over time.