Considering an Adam’s Apple Surgery/Tracheal Shave?

Tracheal shave surgery (sometimes known as laryngeal shave or chondrolaryngoplasty) is completed for individuals on the facial feminization (FFS) journey, which can contribute to a more feminine appearance. This procedure is for individuals who wish to reduce the size of the laryngeal prominence, located on the top of the thyroid gland in the middle of the throat, also known as the Adam’s apple. At ART Surgical, we approach the tracheal shave with the utmost care and consideration, sculpting to meet each client’s unique needs.

The “Adam’s” apple

At puberty, hormones such as testosterone play a significant part in dictating the size of the Adam’s apple. There is a dramatic increase in the size and volume of the larynx and thyroid cartilage during puberty. The vocal cords also can get longer during this time. These changes cause the voice to deepen and create a prominent bump in the front of the throat.

For clients looking for a softer and more feminine look, removing this bump can help achieve such results. Dr. Rodriguez conducts this surgery with precision and skill, preserving the voice while altering the physical size of the Adam’s apple.

About the Tracheal Shave Procedure

The team at ART Surgical will set you up with a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez to determine whether this is the right process for you as part of your gender affirmation. The tracheal shave surgical procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The results of a tracheal shave are permanent decreases in the protuberance and noticeability of the Adam’s apple. Parts of the thyroid cartilage or the larynx are delicately shaved and removed. At ART Surgical, we can perform a tracheal shave procedure in a couple of different ways – indirect or direct, which will be determined after your consultation and discussion with Dr. Rodriguez.

The tracheal shave typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour from start to finish.

  • Dr. Rodriguez will make a small, horizontal incision under your chin or jaw within a skin crease to ensure the scar’s invisibility.
  • The thyroid cartilage and its borders are shaved down and removed.
  • There will be specific care to avoid touching the vocal cords.
  • Upon completion of the surgery, the incision will be closed.

Once the initial swelling subsides, the results of a tracheal shave should be immediately apparent. You should see a smoother neck with a non-existent or less-noticeable Adam’s apple.

Before and After Your Tracheal Shave Procedure

Before the surgery, the team will want to understand your current medications and daily supplements, which may impact your healing. Because the surgery requires general anesthesia, the team will confirm that you have care afterward. Depending upon the size of the tracheal shave reduction, there will be bruising, swelling and tenderness which is all a normal part of the healing process and it will vary by individual. While you can resume regular activities within a few days and use of over the counter pain medication, recovery will take about 14 days. There should be an avoidance of strenuous activities, a slow progression from soft to solid foods as tolerated and limiting facial movements during the recovery process.

Take The Next Step for Your Tracheal Shave Procedure

At ART Surgical will walk you through the before and after care of the tracheal shave process each step of the way. After your consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, we will determine your fees and guide you through the breakdown of costs. This consultation will help you to determine if this procedure should be part of your facial feminization surgery to contribute to your appearance goals.

If you have any questions about other facial feminization procedures that you desire to compliment your appearance alongside the Adam’s apple/Tracheal shave surgery, please Give us a call, click (415) 680-1120, or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

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